Build a Box - Custom Boxes | How COVID-19 Impacts Packaging Designs

How COVID-19 Impacts Packaging Designs

The effects of the COVID-19 global pandemic have seeped into every aspect of our daily lives, from travel to grocery shopping. Every industry has been greatly impacted by the shift in society’s behaviors, and packaging design is no different. The way that consumers purchase products and treat those products which they purchase has evolved drastically in the past year, and those looking to design custom boxes need to evolve at a rapid pace to ensure they aren’t left behind the competition. If you’re looking to design custom shipping boxes for your small business, consider these new trends to ensure you’re making the most of your investment.

Health & Safety

Even though the CDC hasn’t reported any COVID-19 cases related to contaminated surfaces, studies still show that more than two-thirds of US consumers are worried about contracting the virus from packaging, and 40% disinfect the items they buy after bringing them home. With this in mind, businesses will need to innovate packaging solutions that address the customers’ fear of health and safety hazards. Some companies are switching their usual custom retail boxes for something easier to disinfect, while others are creating new packaging with an easily disposable outer layer. Ensuring tamper-proof packaging and communicating clearly this functionality to consumers will help provide peace of mind and boost your company’s reputation. There’s no clear universal answer for how to best handle new safety protocols and customer expectations, but creating your custom cardboard boxes with sanitation in mind will go a long way to earning customers’ appreciation and, therefore, sales. 

Environmental Impact

Sustainable packaging is a trend that has emerged over the past decade and has remained strong even through the pandemic. As online shopping and food delivery services become more prevalent amidst lockdowns, consumers are becoming even more aware of their shopping habits’ negative environmental impact. By offering customers eco-friendly packaging such as biodegradable or fully recyclable custom cardboard boxes, you can offer your audience peace of mind that their purchasing choices are responsible ones. This will help you secure more sales versus less sustainability-oriented competitors. Businesses aiming to earn clients with eco-friendly shipping boxes before the pandemic can still do so, but they may need to rethink their packaging materials in order to remain aligned with health and safety suggestions. 

Modern Buying Patterns

The monumental shift from brick and mortar purchases to online shopping is undeniable. With lockdowns in place throughout much of 2020 and public health concerns keeping shoppers at home even when restrictions were lifted, the amount of e-commerce purchases made in the last year has skyrocketed tremendously. With this in mind, businesses are well-advised to shift to custom shipping boxes over custom retail boxes if they haven’t already. Ordering custom shipping boxes wholesale rather than standard boxes will allow your items to fit perfectly inside your packaging, better protecting them in transit. With so many packages being delivered, not only is there an inherently higher risk of an order becoming damaged, but there are also mail carriers who may also be slightly more careless in handling items as they’re overwhelmed with the number of deliveries to drop off each day. 

In order to best protect your products and be well prepared for the digital shopping boom driven by COVID-19, you need to invest in custom shipping boxes for your business. Custom boxes with logos allow you to spread brand awareness and increase customer satisfaction while simultaneously protecting your products and improving your business’ sustainability. Build A Box makes it easy to design custom cardboard boxes through our free online configuration tool. We also provide design expertise via telephone at (888) 406-1610, so call us today to learn more and receive a free quote.