Build a Box - Custom Boxes | Primary Packaging vs Secondary Packaging: What’s the Difference?

Primary Packaging vs Secondary Packaging: What’s the Difference?

Businesses in Irvine, Anaheim, Santa Fe Springs, and the rest of Southern California are turning to Build A Box for all of their custom wholesale packaging needs. They know that we can offer premium custom shipping boxes at an affordable rate that will elevate brand value and raise brand awareness. However, we offer more than just shipping boxes. We can also provide custom retail display boxes that will help your products stand out on the shelves. If you’re looking to invest in custom boxes for your products, Build A Box can create primary and secondary packaging for products of any shape or size. If you’re not sure which packaging solution is best for you, here’s a quick guide on the key differences between primary and secondary packaging types.

What is primary packaging?

You’d be forgiven for thinking that packaging is packaging and there isn’t much difference, but this isn’t actually true. There are multiple types of packaging, even for a single product, each with its own purpose and functionality. Primary packaging is probably what most consumers envision when they hear the term, as it’s the packaging directly around the product. For example, the box for cereal, the carton for milk, or the plastic sleeve for cookies. It’s the packaging that consumers take home with them from the store and keep with them for the longest period of time. Because of this, it’s crucial to invest in high-quality primary packaging that will withstand travel and impress customers. Primary packaging should feature prominent branding, usually through the use of brand colors and a logo, as well as useful information to the consumer. This can include ingredients, operating instructions, or a product description. It also almost always includes the barcode to be scanned at checkout. Primary packaging plays a big role in informing the customer as well as spreading brand awareness, so creating custom boxes for your primary packaging can be a cost-effective marketing tactic that helps your business grow more quickly.

What is secondary packaging?

Secondary packaging is packaging used for display reasons, such as endcap displays or point-of-sale displays. These retail display boxes help you claim your own space inside of third-party retailers, allowing you to effectively market your product and spread brand awareness. There are virtually endless design options, from four-foot-tall endcaps to compact POS displays. No matter what your budget or size requirements are, creating a custom retail display box with Build A Box will allow you to capture customers’ attention with vibrant colors and clear logo placement. 81% of consumers say that they’ve tried something new because the packaging caught their eye, so take that power into your own hands with entirely custom corrugated displays from Build A Box.

If you’re ready to invest in high-quality custom wholesale boxes for your Irvine, Anaheim, or Santa Fe Springs business, give Build A Box a call today at (888) 406-1610. Our design experts can help you with all of your primary and secondary packaging needs. We also offer a free online design tool for easy price quotes for those who prefer to order wholesale boxes online. If you want to make your products stand out on shelves, there’s no better option than custom wholesale boxes from Build A Box.