Build a Box - Custom Boxes | Why Literature Boxes are Right for Your Company

Why Literature Boxes are Right for Your Company

If you’re an Anaheim company that specializes in shipping books, binders, catalogs, stationery, magazines, business cards, or other flat literary products, you should consider investing in custom literature boxes for your business. Literature boxes are a versatile and durable shipping solution that will protect your products from dust, debris, and damage during transport and storage. Customized shipping solutions will impress the customer and expand your brand at minimal cost to you. Here are three reasons why literature boxes are perfect for your growing company.

Protect Your Product

Custom literature boxes allow you to showcase your brand’s individuality without sacrificing structural integrity or product safety. Our literature boxes feature unique side flaps for dust protection, while the outside front tuck provides added strength and security. The shape is perfect for fitting stationery and other literature products, and with completely customizable dimensions, the possibilities are endless. Order custom literature boxes that perfectly fit your product in order to minimize waste and protect your product in transit. A box that fits its contents without extra room reduces the risk of items breaking, bending, or otherwise being ruined while on its way to the customer.


Build a Box - Custom Boxes | Why Literature Boxes are Right for Your Company

Spread Brand Awareness

We’ve all received one (or dozens) of Amazon’s plain brown literature boxes on our doorstep. With competition as big as Amazon, how can you make your literature box stand out? The ability to customize your literature box means not only choosing the strength and dimensions of your box, but also choosing the design. From a simple logo to full-color illustrations, you can make your custom literature box into whatever you desire and stand out from the plain brown that floods your customer’s doorstep. Being able to stand out in the crowd will help you spread brand awareness, as custom box designs can also be utilized as advertising space. Company branding, website links, and product information on the outside of your box will familiarize people with your company and your products. The more that people see your box, your company name, and your signature branding, the more easily identifiable it will become to them and the more likely it is that they will use your company in the future. A custom literature box from Build A Box is the perfect way to expand your reach and earn more customers at minimal cost to you.

Impress Your Customers

When it comes to impressing your customers, branding is everything. It’s not just product design that customers will judge; packaging plays a crucial role. 68 percent of consumers say that custom packaging makes the brand seem more upscale, and 61 percent say that custom boxes get them more excited about receiving their package. Getting your customers excited for delivery and blowing them away with your custom designs will elevate their experience and result in repeat sales. Investing in an affordable branding solution such as a custom literature box will continually impress your customers, earn new ones, and ensure that your company thrives.

If you’d like to get started designing custom literature boxes for your Anaheim business today, use our free online configuration tool. Simply choose your desired box type, dimensions, strength, and design, and we’ll get back to you right away with a free quote. If you need help designing your custom box, the design team here at Build A Box would be happy to assist you. Just give us a call at (888) 406-1610 for more information, design guidance, or a free order estimate today.