Why Custom Packaging Matters

If you’re a business owner, you do everything you can to provide the best possible products to your customers at fair prices. But does the packaging you use for your products have the same priorities? E-commerce retail has made almost every market imaginable more competitive, as customers have more options available to them with each passing day. This means that small details can help your products excite consumers and make you stand out from the pack. In the world of e-commerce, a custom packaging design for your products from Build A Box can be that detail that elevates you above your competitors. 

Packaging design is vital because it can help build meaningful customer relationships. If you’re an e-commerce company, you don’t have many chances to interact directly with your customers. Most, if not all of your communication will be online, which can leave interactions feeling impersonal and force you to work harder to make your customers feel valued. The moment that your product arrives at a customer’s home needs to feel important, like receiving a gift. Studies have reported that 78% of consumers are more likely to trust a brand that creates custom content compared to brands that don’t. A custom box is key at this moment for making a favorable impression; anything that has clearly had more thought put into it than a plain box will communicate that your business cares, even before the buyer opens it to see what’s inside.

Another important reason to invest in custom box design is that appearances matter in a consumers’ decision-making. Humans are, by nature, visual creatures that rely on appearances for making choices. Where a plain, unadorned package often communicates disinterest and apathy, a custom box can provide the initial information that goes into forming a positive first impression. A custom packaging design can help present your business’s value in a clear, concise visual pitch that suits today’s short attention spans. 

An important thing to remember is that custom packaging isn’t just an aesthetic choice, but a practical one as well. If you choose substandard packaging that causes your products to arrive damaged, stained, or leaking, then that customer is going to have a bad impression of your company. Proper custom boxes that are resilient and protect your goods can help prevent return and refund requests, boosting your profits. Sustainability is also a key consideration; according to studies run by both the State of the Packaging Industry Report and Dotcom Distribution, roughly 57% of consumers consider recyclability an important consideration when shopping. If your brand espouses sustainability and being environmentally aware, using recyclable packaging can help show that you practice what you preach. Build A Box’s custom boxes are made from 100% recyclable cardboard, meaning you don’t have to worry about your packaging ending up in a landfill after your customers are done with it.

If you’re interested in creating a custom packaging design for your business’s products, come to the professionals at Build A Box. We provide a wide range of custom boxes, from shipping boxes to literature boxes to retail display trays, with an online configuration tool that lets you design your box to the exact specifications you need. If you’re not sure what exactly you need, our team of experts can work with you to create the perfect box design for your products. To get started, you can use our free online configuration tool or give us a call at (714) 660-7933. 

How We Make Your Custom Boxes

At Build A Box, we offer the unique chance to create your own custom packaging design for your business’s products. One of the recurring questions we get, however, is how exactly we build the boxes we provide to our clients. In today’s blog, we’ll walk you through the production process we use at Build A Box and how we provide our customers with their own custom boxes.

It starts with the design process when a prospective customer calls in or uses our online configuration tool to generate the specifications of the custom box that they need. From there, one of our design experts will help them further refine their box design, submitting revisions and alterations back and forth until the customer approves the final layout. During this step, we can include everything from custom inserts to refrigeration capabilities depending on the needs of the client. Once everything is finalized, the design is sent to printing. 

The printing machine will print the design of the box onto an enormous piece of cardboard in the chosen color or colors. At Build A Box, we can have boxes printed in solid white or black, or in multiple colors. We can also have designs printed on all sides of the box or just on one side. For larger projects or recurring orders, we can also create specific printing plates that are used for a particular box design. Once the printing process is finished, what you will have is a flat piece of cardboard with all the panels of the box printed in one solid and continuous shape. Of course, a single flat panel doesn’t make a very good box.

That’s where the cutting process comes into play. The cutting machine uses computers and scanning laser technology to perfectly cut around the printed design, without the chance of human error ruining the cardboard. The machine cuts out both the shape and the folds of the box for assembly later. For now, however, the panels remain flat and unfolded for the sake of easy delivery. 

During delivery, the cut but unfolded boxes are stacked and packaged for safe delivery to the client. Build A Box’s delivery service can drop off your custom boxes at either your business’s office or your home, whichever is more convenient. If you’re worried about the boxes being complex to assemble, don’t be; we design boxes to be simple and easy to build, without sacrificing quality or resilience. 

At Build A Box, we provide every client with a durable, professional, and uniquely appealing custom box design that helps their products stand out from the competition. Whether you need an attractive retail display or a durable shipping box, our team of design experts can help you make the perfect box design for your needs. If you’d like to get started, you can use our online configuration tool or give us a call at (714) 660-7933. 

Client Spotlight: Metalbird USA

Metalbird USA is a New Zealand-based art installation project. Starting in 2009 as a guerrilla street project, founder and designer Phil Walters began by hammering life-sized metal stencils of birds in public spaces like on fences and power poles in parks, before discovering that people enjoyed them so much as art installations that he began producing them full-time. As part of its aspiration to become “the largest art installation project in the world,” Metalbird needed a packaging solution that would safely and dependably transport its products while also showcasing the brand’s unique aesthetic and values.

Given that Metalbird’s products are made from hard steel, transportation safety was a key concern. A flimsy box might get damaged by the metal bird’s beak or the branch it is perched on, letting it puncture the box and impact other containers during shipping. The bird itself could also be damaged in transit, leaving customers unhappy. Additionally, a normal-sized shipping box could cause the stencil to move and shake inside of it, potentially bending and warping it. Fortunately, Build A Box’s custom literature boxes are ideal for shipping Metalbird’s art. While normally used to store books, forms, and other paper-based products, their thin depth makes them ideal for transporting metal stencils and preventing them from moving and rattling around inside the box. Because our boxes are fully customizable in terms of their dimensions, we are able to handle shipping the full range of Metalbird’s stencils, from a pair of robins to an alert bald eagle. With side flaps to prevent dust from smearing the art and an outside front tuck that provides extra security and strength to the packaging, our boxes enable Metalbird to ship its products across the United States with confidence.

Of course, aesthetics and style are equally important considerations for product safety when it comes to box design. Once Metalbird settled on the right type of box, we set about integrating Metalbird’s graphics and logo into the box’s design. The company’s name and logo of a perched cardinal boldly occupy the front of the box. A major part of Metalbird’s expansion into the North American market was its focus on USA manufacturing and materials sourced from local suppliers, so we integrated “Proudly made in North America” on the top. When customers receive their purchase, they know exactly who their money is going to support. 

If you’re an e-commerce brand or product subscription service in Orange County that could benefit from our custom boxes, take a look at Metalbird’s design. A resilient literature box will not only keep your products safe, but it also gives you plenty of room for branding and graphics so you can make sure that the unboxing is just as unforgettable as the product itself. If you’d like to talk to our design experts about creating custom packaging for your business, call us at (888) 406-1610. You can also use our free online box design tool to configure your box and receive a free quote for a range of quantities. 

How to Create the Perfect Custom Box For Your Audience

It’s estimated that roughly 96 percent of Americans do at least a portion of their shopping via online stores like Amazon. Because of this, having high-quality custom packaging for your products has never been more important. A custom box design can help create brand recognition, ensure products are transported safely, and help generate word-of-mouth marketing via popular unboxing videos shared on social media. Therefore, it’s important to take certain considerations into mind when you’re working on your custom box design. 

The first and most important thing when it comes to packaging design is to make sure that it is practical and travels well. Even the prettiest design won’t look so pretty if it arrives at your customer’s doorstep smashed and damaged because it couldn’t withstand the shipping process. Packaging that stacks well, like a two-piece rigid box, helps reduce damage and maintain the box’s structural integrity. At Build A Box, we use sturdy corrugated cardboard for this exact reason in a variety of styles depending on your needs and what you plan to ship. Corrugated cardboard consists of paperboard with fluted medium paper laminated to it, and it is perfect for both fragile and heavy items, subscription boxes, shipping boxes, and e-commerce packages. 

When designing a box, it’s important to make sure the box is an appropriate size for the products it will be transporting. A large box with a small number or size of goods inside presents an ethos of laziness and one-size-fits-all thinking. It can also be wasteful in terms of material and budget; a pair of audio earbuds shouldn’t require a package the size of a shoebox, for instance. 

The next major consideration is the ergonomics and style of the box. Which one you choose will depend largely on what sort of products you’ll be putting inside. For instance, subscription services often use mailer boxes, which are flat, die-cut boxes that are easy to assemble and feature a simple self-closing design. Literature boxes, as their name implies, are perfect for shipping books, binders, picture frames, and other objects that are relatively flat but are wide and long. The box’s color is another consideration, with the three primary colors most commonly used in packaging being Kraft, standard white, and premium white. Kraft is the natural brown appearance of cardboard, while standard white is the usual color most commonly seen on packaging. Premium white allows for better print quality and color. Colors will look different if printed on these different materials, so keep this in mind when designing your printing for the box. Some businesses will spring for full-color printing on their boxes, which doesn’t leave any of the exterior uncolored. 

Lastly, you’ll want to make sure that your box creates plenty of positive brand awareness. The logo for your company or product should be accurately adapted and designed for the box, and it should be presented via both exterior and internal printing. The opening design also matters; a flip-top should open to reveal the product attractively displayed inside so that the customer feels good about their purchase from the moment they first see it. A memorable opening experience like that builds satisfaction and helps ensure you get their repeat business. 

At Build A Box, you can use our online box designer for free to develop your own custom packaging solution that can suit the unique needs of your business. Once you settle on the custom box design you like, we can handle the printing and production of your boxes, allowing you to focus on your work. Alternatively, you can call us at (714) 660-7933 to speak to one of our designers who can assist you in every step of the online box design process and explain the options available to you.  

How to Choose the Correct Box for Your Business Type

Each business is entirely unique in its shipping and storage needs, from product dimensions to branding design. Here at Build A Box, we have six different types of boxes to choose from, each with virtually endless customization options. With so much choice, it can be difficult to know exactly which box type is perfect for your company and its unique needs. Here’s a breakdown of our most popular box types and how to choose which is best for your business.

Shipping Box

The shipping box is one of our most popular options due to its vast versatility. The shipping box is a typical brown box with a simple open-flap top. Although it can be used for just about anything, it’s perfect for safely and securely shipping your products. Custom dimensions allow for better product protection since less extra space in the box means less movement and less chance of damage. Make it as big or as small as you’d like, and add custom inserts and designs to further elevate your brand value. If you need a box that can do it all, custom shipping boxes are perfect for just about every business type.

Mailer Box

Mailer boxes are a highly popular option for e-commerce businesses and subscription services. They’re a premium option that enhances the customer’s unboxing experience by offering a self-closing feature and double-sided, full-color design. They’re a popular shipping option since they offer substantial protection during the mailing process while offering a more premier appearance over the traditional shipping box. If you’re looking to offer your e-commerce customer a premium unboxing experience, choose a mailer box for your company’s custom box type. 

Retail Shipper Box

The retail shipper box is primarily used to display products on shelves, making them ideal for businesses that have a product sold in their store or by a third-party retailer. Despite the name, these boxes are not ideal for shipping products and withstanding the rough mailing process. Retail shipper boxes are self-closing using a cardboard flap rather than tape, allowing customers to easily view the product within stores. If you’ve ever opened the cardboard product box to view the product itself while in-store, you were likely interacting with a retail shipper box. Businesses with a product sold in physical stores can best take advantage of our customizable retail shipper box.

Literature Box

Literature boxes are a versatile and durable shipping solution that will protect your products from dust, debris, and damage during transport or storage. If you specialize in shipping books, binders, catalogs, stationery, magazines, or other flat literary products, the literature box type is perfect for you. The literature box’s unique side flaps offer enhanced dust protection, while the outside front tuck provides added strength and security. The shape is ideal for flat literature products, but completely customizable dimensions allow you to accommodate almost any product you need it for. 

Tray Box

The tray box is another of our most popular option due to its wide versatility and its ability to be used across virtually all industries. Even if you don’t need to ship boxes, the tray box can be utilized as storage, organization, or a display case. Choose from an open-face tray box, a tray with a sleeve, or combine two tray boxes to create a tray box with a lid. The versatility of the tray box in addition to customizable dimensions and designs allows you to find the solution you need, no matter what industry you’re in.

Corrugated Retail Display

Our corrugated retail display is the perfect way to enhance your space inside of a third-party retailer. Customizing your point-of-sale display allows you to effectively market your product and spread brand awareness. Whether you choose an end cap floor display, a countertop display, a pallet display, or a stand-up display, there’s a corrugated retail display perfect for any product. Customize your display’s shape, size, and design with the endless possibilities afforded to you by Build A Box custom box designer.

No matter what box type you choose, the virtually endless customization options from Build A Box ensure that you’ll end up with something that is perfectly suited to your business. Choose your desired dimensions, box strength, custom designs, and quantity using our free online configuration tool. To speak to one of our expert designers and receive a free quote on your next custom box, give Build A Box a call at (888) 406-1610 today.

5 Holiday Packaging Design Ideas for Your Company

The holiday season is an exciting and hectic time for any business, whether you’re a brick-and-mortar retailer or exclusively e-commerce. From budgeting to product development and sale planning, every detail of Christmastime shopping has been meticulously thought through. But what about your packaging? You may think you already have suitable packaging for your products, but modifying your packing exclusively for the holiday season can help boost sales and increase customer satisfaction. If you’re looking into custom wholesale boxes this holiday season, here are five holiday-themed packaging design ideas to get you started.

  1. Choose Festive Box Colors

The most obvious way to alter your packaging for the holidays is to deviate from the standard brown cardboard and opt for holiday-themed colors instead. Whether you want traditional red and green or a more sophisticated white and silver, incorporating any festive colors into your box design will help it stand out in the sea of brown boxes flooding every porch this Christmas. 

  1. Add Christmas-Themed Designs

With custom wholesale boxes for your business, you aren’t restricted to merely altering the box color itself. You can also include a range of creative and diverse designs that add visual appeal and impress customers. Add stripes, Christmas trees, menorahs, stars, wreaths, reindeer, or virtually anything else you can think of. The more unique your box’s exterior packaging is, the more likely the customer is to notice and engage with it. Impressing your customers with packaging design will help you secure repeat sales and earn loyal customers long-term.

  1. Modify Your Branding for the Holidays

A fun and unique way to alter your packaging for the holidays is to modify your logo or branding for the holiday season. Turn an “o” in your logo into a wreath, for example. Making your logo Christmas-themed will add a cute touch that customers are sure to notice when they receive your custom box. This festive touch is a small detail that goes the extra mile and can be incorporated into other aspects of your business for all-around holiday cheer.

  1. Switch Up Your Box Type

If you usually default to the traditional shipping box for your products, try switching to a custom mailer box for the holiday season. Mailer boxes are a popular choice due to their durable build, visual appeal, and self-closing design. Mailer boxes replicate the feeling of opening a present, which is why they’re the top choice for subscription box services. If you want to enhance your customer’s unboxing experience this holiday season, try switching up your box type and choosing a customer mailer box this year.

  1. Push Seasonal Sales & Deals

The holidays aren’t just a time for giving; they’re a time for buying. Most retailers have their biggest sales of the year around the holidays due to the dramatic increase in consumer purchases. Utilize the inside of your box to push upcoming sales or exclusive coupons. The inside of your box design is just as customizable as the outside, so you can design a box that offers 10% off on future purchases or advertises an upcoming doorbuster sale. Accent these calls to action with some holiday-themed images and you have standout Christmas packaging that’s as visually appealing as it is functional for marketing. 

Whichever holiday design ideas you decide to utilize, be sure to take advantage of everything the holiday season has to offer e-commerce businesses. Increase your social engagement, earn repeat sales, and market to new and old customers alike with eye-catching holiday-themed custom boxes for your business. Here at Build A Box, we can make any custom box design a reality. Simply speak to one of our design experts or utilize our free online configuration tool in order to create a packaging design that works for your business. Give us a call today at (888) 406-1610 for a free estimate on a range of quantities.

Client Spotlight: Neunaber Audio

Neunaber Audio is a California-based company that produces audio products with an emphasis on high-fidelity sound and balancing simplicity with functionality. Neunaber has been a proud partner with Build A Box for several years, utilizing our custom mailer box for its audio product packaging. With full-color designs, visual texture, and custom inserts, Neunaber utilizes much of what Build A Box has to offer to create a stunning and one-of-a-kind custom box for its product packaging. If you’re an e-commerce company looking for design inspiration, here are just a few of the possibilities available to you for your custom box design.

Box Type & Dimensions

The first step to any box design is choosing your preferred box type and custom dimensions. Due to the custom insert in Neunaber’s design, custom dimensions were not imperative to the process. However, Neunaber wanted a mailer box design due to its design versatility and self-closing feature. Mailer boxes (also known as RETT roll end tuck top) are flat, die-cut boxes that are easy to assemble with a simple, self-closing design. They are a popular shipping option due to their more premier appearance versus the traditional shipping box.

Graphics & Color

Once they had chosen their box type and size, Neunaber submitted their custom graphics. They chose to add a stunning visual texture with a glossy finish design that contrasted matte and gloss waves. Their large, tan logo prominently featured in the center of the box provides effective advertising space as the box makes its way through the shipping process. When customers receive their product, they get excited knowing exactly who it’s from. The sleek and minimalistic design is still eye-catching and effective, and they took full advantage of the design options to create a unique box that combines professional design with personality and elements of fun.

Custom Insert

We can create custom inserts to perfectly fit your product. Custom inserts better protect the item in transit while also creating an elevated unboxing experience for the customer. In order to make custom inserts, we’ll need your product in hand to size and build a customized insert around. Your custom insert can include color graphics just like your box, offering you more design space and room for creativity. Simply provide us with your product(s) and your unique design, and we’ll create a custom mailer box insert that presents your product to the customer in a dynamic and engaging way. 

If you have an e-commerce brand or product subscription service that could benefit from custom mailer boxes, consider something like Neunaber Audio’s design. A sturdy mailer box with cohesive graphics and an impressive custom insert creates a premium unboxing experience for the customer, leaving them happy with your company and your item. To speak to a design expert about the virtually endless possibilities for creating your custom packaging, call Build A Box at (888) 406-1610. You can also use our free online configuration tool to design your box in just a matter of minutes. We would be happy to provide you with a free quote for a range of quantities.

Shipping vs Retail Shipper Box: What’s the Difference?

Here at Build A Box, the custom box possibilities are virtually endless! With our six different types of boxes and all of their various customizations, you can truly create whatever you need to help your business thrive. We offer shipping boxes, mailer boxes, retail shipper boxes, literature boxes, tray boxes, and corrugated displays. One issue that we find many customers have is differentiating between the shipping box and the retail shipper box. Due to their similar names, people often get them confused or ask us what the difference is. That’s why today we’re going to be explaining the difference between these two bestselling box types!

Shipping Box

The shipping box is by far one of our most popular options due to its versatility. It has the most familiar and standard shape of any box in our lineup, with the simple open-flap top found in most cardboard boxes. Although they can be used for just about anything, shipping boxes are perfect for just that: shipping things. Custom dimensions allow you to better protect your product by leaving less room for movement, and you can become more environmentally conscious by reducing the amount of packing materials needed. Shipping boxes are great for shipping or storage, and they can accommodate any product big or small. Custom inserts and designs will further elevate your brand value and set you apart when shipping your products to consumers. If you need a box that can do it all, custom shipping boxes are perfect for your business!

Retail Shipper Box

Retail shipper boxes, despite their name, are not meant to be shipped. Although you can ship retail shipper boxes, they aren’t made to withstand the rough mailing process. Rather, their primary use is for displaying products on shelves. Whereas shipping boxes can be closed from the top with tape, retail shipper boxes are self-closing using a cardboard tab rather than tape. This allows consumers to easily view the product while in stores. Retail shipper boxes also offer you greater design versatility since they’re meant to jump out at the passing consumer and inform them as to what’s inside the box. If you have products that need to be contained within a custom box for retail display, a retail shipper is definitely the way to go.

How to Build Your Box

With our easy-to-use online configuration tool, you can get started building your box right away! Firstly, enter your desired dimensions up to fractions as specific as 1/16 of an inch. Then choose your custom box strength: standard, strong, standard double wall, or HD double wall. Once you’ve chosen your desired structure, choose your design. You can select between standard kraft or white box colors, or you can choose a multi-color print option with full image customization. Choose how many panels you’d like your design or logo featured on, and you’re done! Just let us know how many boxes you’d like and we’ll send you a free quote right away.

Here at Build A Box, we make it our top priority to provide each and every client with the most durable, professional, and visually appealing custom box in your industry. Whether you need a shipping box or a retail shipper box, our team of design experts will aid you in the creation of a perfectly branded box that will differentiate you from any other business in your field. Start your custom box design today using our online configuration tool or by giving us a call at (888) 406-1610.

The Versatility of Custom Tray Boxes for Your Business

Here at Build A Box, one of our most popular custom box types is the tray box. This is largely due to its wide versatility and ability to be used across virtually all industries, even those that don’t need to ship products. From traditional offices to product suppliers and even bakeries, tray boxes serve the needs of every business seeking a customized packaging solution. Choose from open-face tray boxes, a tray with a sleeve, or combine two tray boxes to create a tray box with lid. With custom wholesale tray boxes from Build A Box, the possibilities are virtually endless.

Ship Products with Custom Tray Boxes

One of the many ways that you can utilize tray boxes is as a convenient, customized shipping solution. By combining two tray boxes, you create a secure shipping solution that is perfect for sending products to consumers or retailers. The versatility of tray boxes makes them perfect for wholesale shipping since your third party retailer can reuse the shipped tray box as a retail display. Tray boxes are also valued for being both lightweight and extremely durable, protecting your product in transit without hefty shipping prices. All of our tray boxes are made with premium quality material and their folded construction provides an extra layer of protection for your items. If you want a safe and secure shipping solution that offers dual-use and bold design, consider tray boxes for your business.

Custom Tray Box Retail Display

The open design of tray boxes makes them a perfect solution for retail display purposes. You can show off your products while keeping them well organized with branded tray displays. Design your box to feature your company’s branding as well as details about the specific product, using your custom box as advertising space as well as an organizational method. Tray boxes are also convenient for retailers and cost-effective for you, as they can convert from shippable boxes to retail displays in no time at all.

Stay Organized with Tray Boxes

Even if you aren’t a retail establishment, all types of businesses can benefit from tray boxes. Office spaces can stay clean and organized by sorting paper, office supplies, and other materials into branded tray boxes for storage. Boosting the aesthetics of your office will help your employees stay organized and efficient while impressing clients. Every type of business can benefit from the versatility of custom wholesale tray boxes.

If you’re looking for a versatile and eye-catching custom packaging solution for your business, look no further than custom tray boxes. Their range of use makes them an economical solution for any company seeking multi-use custom wholesale boxes. Using our free online configuration tool, you choose your box’s custom dimensions, material strength, and full-color design. We’ll get back to you right away with a free quote for a range of quantities. If you’d like to speak to a design expert or learn more about which box type is best for your business’s needs, give us a call today at (888) 406-1610.

The Benefits of Custom Boxes for Small Businesses

November 30 is the 10th annual Small Business Saturday, a day where American consumers are encouraged to support their local small businesses. It can be difficult to sustain a small business and stand out in such a saturated marketplace. However, there are several steps you can take to invest in your business within budget and help it stand out to consumers. One such step is creating custom boxes for your products. Custom wholesale boxes are great for shipping or displaying products, and they have a wide range of benefits for your small business.

Spread Brand Awareness

Custom boxes aren’t just a way to store and ship your products; they’re also an economical advertising opportunity. Dozens, if not hundreds of people see your box as it makes its way to the final customer. With a custom wholesale box from Build A Box, you can utilize this space on the outside of the box as advertising space, familiarizing people with your company’s branding. The more that people see your logo and company name, the more familiar it will be to them and the more likely they are to use your company in the future. This will allow you to combine two expenses into one and save money by marketing with Build A Box custom boxes.

Improve Brand Perception

It’s not enough just to have people recognize your brand. With so many small businesses in the marketplace, you also want to ensure that your brand has a clear positive association with consumers. According to 68 percent of consumers, custom packaging makes a brand seem more upscale. According to 61 percent, custom packaging gets consumers more excited about receiving their products. By customizing your wholesale boxes with high-quality materials and stunning logos, you’re elevating the customer experience and improving their perception of your brand. This will help you gain more customers through word of mouth and good reviews, as well as earn more repeat sales from satisfied customers.

Protect Your Product In Transit

Another benefit of custom boxes for small businesses is the ability to customize the dimensions of your box to perfectly fit your products. You want to ensure that your products are well protected during transit so that you can keep your customers happy, and there’s no better way to do so than with custom boxes. If your product arrives damaged due to excess space in the box, you’ll receive complaints and refund requests from customers that will not only damage your reputation but also hurt you financially. Having to process refunds, send new products out, or risk angering customers can take a toll on your company and hurt its chances of success. Make sure that your product gets there safely and your customers are always happy with the benefits of custom wholesale boxes from Build A Box.

If you’re ready to invest in your business’s success and help it grow, try custom wholesale boxes from Build A Box. Our boxes are fully customizable so you can make any design dream a reality. Choose from a variety of box styles, any dimensions within 200” x 200” x 20”, several material strength options, and endless design possibilities. To speak with a design expert or receive a free quote on a custom box order, give us a call at (888) 406-1610 today.