5 Questions to Ask When Planning Your POP or POS Display

Investing in a custom cardboard display is crucial for any business that has its products in a brick-and-mortar store. From cardboard countertop displays to extravagant endcaps, a custom POS display will make shoppers stop and stare (and maybe purchase something that wasn’t on their shopping list). Tapping into the customer’s impulsive buying habits can require a complex understanding of consumer behavior, but asking these five questions to your marketing team and custom cardboard display manufacturer can help you take the first step toward a POP display that will secure more sales and increase brand awareness like never before.

1. Is a custom POP display worth the investment?

This is the question at the top of every company’s mind. When you’re investing in a new avenue, it’s only natural to question what kind of return on investment you are expecting to see. While exact numbers vary, a custom POS display is definitely a worthwhile investment for brands of any size. They can help you increase sales, grow brand awareness, create awareness for a new product launch, grow your market share, help you compete with other brands that have a custom POP display, and much more. Whether you’re just launching your company or you’re a national household name, everyone can benefit from a custom POS display.

2. How much product should go on the display?

This is a more complex question than it may first appear. When deciding how much product to place on your cardboard display stands, you’ll need to consider not only the cost benefits, but also the perceived popularity of your product. You need to fill the display with enough product to offset the cost and secure a worthwhile return. However, you don’t want to overfill your display and risk having your product sit on shelves for too long. Having a near-full display can say to consumers and the retailer that your product isn’t very popular, and therefore it isn’t worth trying or worth selling. Find the sweet spot between cost-effectiveness and perceived demand in order to maximize your return.

3. What is the best custom POS display style?

There are virtually endless design possibilities when it comes to a custom POS display, from size and shape to materials and even custom graphics. This makes it a big question, and one of the most important to consider. From cardboard countertop displays to multi-tiered stacking units, there are as many retail display possibilities as there are companies that need them. Work alongside your custom POS display manufacturer to choose the size, shape, material, colors, and inserts needed for your unique product and brand image. 

4. Who is the target audience?

One factor that heavily influences which POS display style to choose is your target demographic. All marketing decisions, including product packaging and retail display design, are about tapping into your consumer’s wants and needs so that they’ll purchase your product in the store versus nearby competitors. Think long and hard about who your target audience is — age, gender, income, hobbies, et cetera — and factor that into your decision-making process when you go about designing the appearance of your custom product display.

5. Which custom POS display manufacturer should I use?

The final question to ask is who to trust with your custom POS display needs. A trustworthy custom packaging provider will help you answer the necessary questions beyond these five starting points and ensure that your POS display turns out exactly as you envisioned it. Build A Box is a leading custom packaging designer and manufacturer with experience in every type of custom product display imaginable. We can have one of our design experts work with you one-on-one to create your perfect custom POP display, or if you already know what you want, you can use our easy and hassle-free online design tool to receive a free quote right away. 

To find out more about our custom POS display capabilities or to enquire about any other custom packaging needs, give Build A Box a call today at (888) 406-1610. 

How COVID-19 Impacts Packaging Designs

The effects of the COVID-19 global pandemic have seeped into every aspect of our daily lives, from travel to grocery shopping. Every industry has been greatly impacted by the shift in society’s behaviors, and packaging design is no different. The way that consumers purchase products and treat those products which they purchase has evolved drastically in the past year, and those looking to design custom boxes need to evolve at a rapid pace to ensure they aren’t left behind the competition. If you’re looking to design custom shipping boxes for your small business, consider these new trends to ensure you’re making the most of your investment.

Health & Safety

Even though the CDC hasn’t reported any COVID-19 cases related to contaminated surfaces, studies still show that more than two-thirds of US consumers are worried about contracting the virus from packaging, and 40% disinfect the items they buy after bringing them home. With this in mind, businesses will need to innovate packaging solutions that address the customers’ fear of health and safety hazards. Some companies are switching their usual custom retail boxes for something easier to disinfect, while others are creating new packaging with an easily disposable outer layer. Ensuring tamper-proof packaging and communicating clearly this functionality to consumers will help provide peace of mind and boost your company’s reputation. There’s no clear universal answer for how to best handle new safety protocols and customer expectations, but creating your custom cardboard boxes with sanitation in mind will go a long way to earning customers’ appreciation and, therefore, sales. 

Environmental Impact

Sustainable packaging is a trend that has emerged over the past decade and has remained strong even through the pandemic. As online shopping and food delivery services become more prevalent amidst lockdowns, consumers are becoming even more aware of their shopping habits’ negative environmental impact. By offering customers eco-friendly packaging such as biodegradable or fully recyclable custom cardboard boxes, you can offer your audience peace of mind that their purchasing choices are responsible ones. This will help you secure more sales versus less sustainability-oriented competitors. Businesses aiming to earn clients with eco-friendly shipping boxes before the pandemic can still do so, but they may need to rethink their packaging materials in order to remain aligned with health and safety suggestions. 

Modern Buying Patterns

The monumental shift from brick and mortar purchases to online shopping is undeniable. With lockdowns in place throughout much of 2020 and public health concerns keeping shoppers at home even when restrictions were lifted, the amount of e-commerce purchases made in the last year has skyrocketed tremendously. With this in mind, businesses are well-advised to shift to custom shipping boxes over custom retail boxes if they haven’t already. Ordering custom shipping boxes wholesale rather than standard boxes will allow your items to fit perfectly inside your packaging, better protecting them in transit. With so many packages being delivered, not only is there an inherently higher risk of an order becoming damaged, but there are also mail carriers who may also be slightly more careless in handling items as they’re overwhelmed with the number of deliveries to drop off each day. 

In order to best protect your products and be well prepared for the digital shopping boom driven by COVID-19, you need to invest in custom shipping boxes for your business. Custom boxes with logos allow you to spread brand awareness and increase customer satisfaction while simultaneously protecting your products and improving your business’ sustainability. Build A Box makes it easy to design custom cardboard boxes through our free online configuration tool. We also provide design expertise via telephone at (888) 406-1610, so call us today to learn more and receive a free quote.

Top Benefits of a Corrugated Cardboard Display

If you’re transitioning from exclusively e-commerce sales to a retail presence, you’ll likely need custom displays made. Custom corrugated cardboard display stands are a popular way to showcase your products inside retail stores, especially at endcap displays or points of sale displays. Although you may be weighing different retail storage and presentation solutions, custom cardboard displays are one of the top choices because of their numerous benefits.

1. Cost-Effective 

Corrugated cardboard display stands are a cost-effective marketing tool that increases your ROI while remaining more affordable than other comparable retail displays. Purchasing permanent display space within a store is a cost that’s often out of reach for many small businesses, which is why endcap displays and cardboard countertop displays are a popular solution. By designing your custom product display with prominent branding and eye-catching colors, you can boost sales without breaking the bank, and make your way toward a more permanent retail solution.

2. Environmentally Friendly

For brands that are concerned with sustainability and eco-friendly brand image, Build A Box custom corrugated display stands are fully recyclable. By using 100% recyclable cardboard for your display needs, you can do your part to benefit the environment while also boosting your brand image. Sustainability is an important value for modern consumers, so set your brand ahead of competitors with an eco-friendly retail marketing solution.

3. Great for Marketing

Marketing can be one of the largest parts of any company’s budget, whether you rely on digital marketing or physical billboards to sell your business. However, few companies realize the full value of custom packaging and corrugated displays for spreading brand awareness. As one of the most affordable marketing solutions available, custom corrugated cardboard displays also serve to promote a new brand or product by informing customers and spreading the word of mouth. If you want to stand out on the shelves and increase visibility for your products, custom product displays are an ideal solution.

4. Versatile

Build A Box customers love custom corrugated cardboard display stands because of their incredible versatility. With virtually unlimited design possibilities, you can bring your brand’s vision to life without sacrificing anything. Choose from various shapes, sizes, functionalities, and full-color graphics for a custom product display that’s entirely unique to you and your company. You can even create different endcap displays for different retailers, events, promotions, or seasons. No matter what you envision your cardboard countertop displays to look like, Build A Box can make it a reality.

If you’ve been contemplating whether custom corrugated displays are a worthwhile investment for your business, consider these top benefits that make custom endcap displays one of the most beloved and highly used marketing tactics in the retail industry. Build A Box can work with you one-on-one to create a custom product display that perfectly represents your brand and your latest products. Give us a call at (888) 406-1610 to find out more or to speak to one of our knowledgeable and friendly custom box design experts.

Understanding the Psychology of Custom Packaging

If you’ve decided to invest in custom boxes for your small business, you may be struggling to identify what the next steps are. How do you design the perfect custom cardboard boxes for your audience and ensure ROI? There’s a lot that goes into creating the perfect custom packaging, including market research and psychology. By understanding and harnessing the psychology of custom packaging, you can create custom wholesale boxes that are exponentially more likely to earn new and repeat sales from your target market. 

Make a Good First Impression

First impressions matter. Whether it’s meeting a person for the first time or buying a product from a brand for the first time, customers inevitably judge a book by its cover and let their first impressions shape their overall perception. That’s why it’s imperative that brands leave a good first impression with high-quality custom packaging. Before even seeing the product, customers will be left with a better perception of your company and its perceived value. In a 2018 study conducted by the Paper and Packaging Board, 72% of respondents said packaging design can influence their purchasing decisions. Brands that opt for standard packaging have a significantly higher risk of losing out on shoppers’ attention, in-store or online, and consequently losing out on sales. Eye-catching, custom wholesale boxes can set you apart from your competitors and leave a stand-out impression on consumers.

Encourage Viral Marketing

All businesses, big or small, rely on word of mouth to secure new customers. In the modern era, that word of mouth can include viral content that spreads product recommendations to thousands, or even millions, of consumers in record time. If you want to harness the power of social media and viral marketing, you need to create something worth sharing. Keeping an eye on the latest online trends and thinking outside the box for your custom packaging can help you increase your chances of having a viral moment. Think about popular digital content like unboxing videos. How can you tailor your custom wholesale boxes to stand out in such a format? Focus on bright colors, striking detail, and market trends. If you invest time into unique designs and high-quality packaging, you can quickly spread brand awareness through word of mouth.

Lead with Core Brand Values

Custom packaging is a great opportunity to tell customers who you are and what you do in just a few brief moments. In order to find an audience that aligns with the values of your product and sees value in your product, you need to convey what those values are. Utilize your custom cardboard boxes in a way that expresses your brand’s self-perception. Is sustainability at the forefront of your brand’s values? Focus on eco-friendly, fully recyclable packaging. 66% of customers say that they’d be willing to spend more on a product from a sustainable brand. Whatever your key principles are, convey them quickly and effectively to your target audience through clever and high-quality custom wholesale boxes from Build A Box.

If you want to create the most effective custom packaging possible for your small business, contact the team at Build A Box. We’re industry experts that understand the psychology of custom packaging and can help guide you toward effective and affordable packaging design. Use our online design tool to quickly and easily design your dream packaging, or give us a call at (888) 406-1610 to speak with our design team about your options. 

Primary Packaging vs Secondary Packaging: What’s the Difference?

Businesses in Irvine, Anaheim, Santa Fe Springs, and the rest of Southern California are turning to Build A Box for all of their custom wholesale packaging needs. They know that we can offer premium custom shipping boxes at an affordable rate that will elevate brand value and raise brand awareness. However, we offer more than just shipping boxes. We can also provide custom retail display boxes that will help your products stand out on the shelves. If you’re looking to invest in custom boxes for your products, Build A Box can create primary and secondary packaging for products of any shape or size. If you’re not sure which packaging solution is best for you, here’s a quick guide on the key differences between primary and secondary packaging types.

What is primary packaging?

You’d be forgiven for thinking that packaging is packaging and there isn’t much difference, but this isn’t actually true. There are multiple types of packaging, even for a single product, each with its own purpose and functionality. Primary packaging is probably what most consumers envision when they hear the term, as it’s the packaging directly around the product. For example, the box for cereal, the carton for milk, or the plastic sleeve for cookies. It’s the packaging that consumers take home with them from the store and keep with them for the longest period of time. Because of this, it’s crucial to invest in high-quality primary packaging that will withstand travel and impress customers. Primary packaging should feature prominent branding, usually through the use of brand colors and a logo, as well as useful information to the consumer. This can include ingredients, operating instructions, or a product description. It also almost always includes the barcode to be scanned at checkout. Primary packaging plays a big role in informing the customer as well as spreading brand awareness, so creating custom boxes for your primary packaging can be a cost-effective marketing tactic that helps your business grow more quickly.

What is secondary packaging?

Secondary packaging is packaging used for display reasons, such as endcap displays or point-of-sale displays. These retail display boxes help you claim your own space inside of third-party retailers, allowing you to effectively market your product and spread brand awareness. There are virtually endless design options, from four-foot-tall endcaps to compact POS displays. No matter what your budget or size requirements are, creating a custom retail display box with Build A Box will allow you to capture customers’ attention with vibrant colors and clear logo placement. 81% of consumers say that they’ve tried something new because the packaging caught their eye, so take that power into your own hands with entirely custom corrugated displays from Build A Box.

If you’re ready to invest in high-quality custom wholesale boxes for your Irvine, Anaheim, or Santa Fe Springs business, give Build A Box a call today at (888) 406-1610. Our design experts can help you with all of your primary and secondary packaging needs. We also offer a free online design tool for easy price quotes for those who prefer to order wholesale boxes online. If you want to make your products stand out on shelves, there’s no better option than custom wholesale boxes from Build A Box.

How to Utilize Custom POP Displays to Introduce New Products

As a small business, transitioning your product sales from an e-commerce store to a brick-and-mortar retail is exhilarating, yet it poses a unique challenge. How do you make your endcap display stand out amongst hundreds, if not thousands of other product displays? Whether you’re introducing your products into stores in Irvine, Anaheim, Santa Fe Springs, or anywhere else, there are a few key tips you should follow in order to utilize custom POS displays to their fullest potential. 

Do: Prioritize Strong Branding

The main goal of a custom POP display is to introduce your product to new customers, and this includes spreading brand awareness. By familiarizing shoppers with your brand through eye-catching corrugated POP displays, you drastically increase the likelihood of securing repeat sales, since familiarity with a brand is a major motivating factor in purchasing decisions. In order to make it easier to identify your brand, prioritize strong branding in your custom corrugated display. Prominently display your logo in multiple places on the box, making it impossible to miss. By doing this, you’ll imprint your brand name into the minds of consumers so they’ll feel familiar with your brand next time they shop.

Don’t: Skimp on Graphics

Consumers value aesthetic appeal when shopping, and many people reach for products because of the pretty packaging, especially if it’s a product they’re unfamiliar with. It may add more expense to incorporate full-color graphics into your custom corrugated display, but it’s a necessary investment in order to maximize sales. Choose your brand’s signature color scheme or match the display colors to the product packaging in order to create a recognizable and cohesive endcap display.

Do: Stick to Your Budget

Although there are aspects of your custom POS display that you should be sure to invest in, you don’t want to blow your budget and eliminate your chance of a full return on investment. Make sure that the value of your corrugated POP display is in line with the retail value of your product. Calculate the estimated cost of your POP display against your estimated return on investment, and spend the biggest chunk of your budget on the areas that will maximize sales return, such as branding and graphics.

Don’t: Display Too Much Product

It can be tempting to fill your endcap display with as many products as possible in order to maximize the cost-effectiveness of it. However, you also want to show the retailer (and other shoppers) that your products move out off the shelf. Overstuffing your custom display can mean that dozens of items are left on the shelf at the end of the day, giving the impression that your items aren’t popular. Placing a limited number of products on the display can help them sell out faster, giving the impression that your brand is in-demand and will reliably sell out with more stock.

If you need guidance navigating the dos and don’ts of custom POP displays, Build A Box has an expert team of designers that can assist you. From size and shape to graphics and inserts, we’ll help you with every step of the custom POS display creation process so you can ensure that your endcap display is exactly what your business needs to succeed. Give us a call today at (888) 406-1610 to find out more about our services, or use our online design tool to easily create the retail display you’ve always envisioned. 

The Winning Combination: Sidekick & Endcap Displays

For any retailer across Orange County, whether local or private, sales are essential to keep your business thriving. The key to this goal is to present a feature item on an endcap display that goes along with a sidekick display so consumers can gravitate to buying both products showing on the same shelf. At Build a Box, we specialize in helping local businesses create custom corrugated displays for both endcap and sidekick products so consumers can choose both products rather than one. 

With various shapes and sizes to accommodate your design options for your display, the possibilities are limitless. We help businesses in designing their own corrugated displays in a way that can help sell their product. These methods where strategic item pairings can be beneficial through your sidekick and endcap displays, eventually increasing your brand’s recognition on store shelves:

Food Merchandising 

Since grocery items offer a low markup, placing low-profit bestsellers with a high-markup companion item can be a great marketing strategy to gain profit. For example, since coffee grounds and beans are the most popular endcap products, placing other sidekick products — such as coffee filters, creamers, travel mugs, and coffee makers — can encourage customers in choosing both products than one. If your business is looking to gain profit by selling coffee accessories, designing a corrugate Point of Purchase (POP) display can help attract consumers in buying the sidekick product to go along with the endcap display showing off the main product.

Electronics Merchandising

Some of the most popular electronics in the market are already attracting high demand from consumers, but pairing them with your own product can result in greater profits. With phones being the most popular endcap items to be bought in electronic stores, presenting sidekick products like phone chargers and cases can encourage customers to purchase more products. At Build a Box, our corrugated POP displays can also point out special promotions on certain electronic products closest to the most popular item being sold right now.

Apparel Merchandising

While the online market is often the most popular way to purchase clothing, consumers are actually spending more time at physical stores so they can find the perfect deals on the type of clothing they’re looking for. The selling point lies with placing certain apparel in endcap displays with another type of clothing in a sidekick display stand so the customer can be inspired to purchase the entire outfit instead of just picking out a single piece. Build a Box offers custom sidekick and endcap product displays for all types of clothing. If you have a sidekick display of leggings next to an endcap display of tunics and sweaters, most likely both products will be sold instantly based on the customer’s interest in them.

At Build a Box, our corrugated POP displays have served local and private businesses in establishing their products throughout different retailers. Whether you have a business located close to the Irvine Spectrum, Downtown Disney in Anaheim, or anywhere in Santa Fe Springs, we help you design your perfect corrugated POP display so your brands can become successful. We also offer custom wholesale boxes if you’re looking to impress consumers and boost your brand’s value. To get started using our services, give us a call at (888) 406-1610 or use our online configuration tools to build your own custom box fit for your business.

5 Holiday Ideas for Package Designing

During the holiday season, your business needs to stand out when attracting customers. The best way to bring in new customers is by designing your own packages that fit the Christmas festivities. At Build A Box, we specialize in customizing wholesale boxes for independent businesses across Irvine, Anaheim, Santa Fe Springs, and other cities across Orange County. Our expert designers can accommodate your needs by letting you choose your box’s size, strength, and quantity. With the Christmas season being the busiest time of the year for local businesses, these holiday ideas can help you get creative in approaching your holiday design for your custom box:

Utilizing the Colors of Christmas – Red & Green or Gold & Black

If you’re looking for something traditional for your packages, red and green are the best colors to resemble the Christmas spirit. Our custom wholesale boxes can accommodate your business’ simple approach to the holiday using these two colors for a Christmas tree design, present design, or anything resembling the festivities.

For something modern and more business related, gold and black can be used for your custom wholesale boxes as a way to establish your brand’s sense of professionalism. Gold can represent a luxurious look, while black brings a form of elegance and simplicity to anyone looking at the box design’s sleek look. Build A Box’s custom wholesale boxes offer a wide variety of options when you’re deciding on the perfect color to establish your business to the public.

Get Inspired by Scandinavian Sweater Designs

If you’re looking for inspiration to put on your wholesale box, then how about customizing your box with folk patterns inspired by Scandinavian lore. Since ugly sweaters are common apparel to wear for the holiday, what better way to take inspiration in its “ugly” folk design and apply it to your wholesale box. With a wide variety of snowmen, snowflakes, Christmas Trees, and Santa Claus designs and colors to choose from, the possibilities are endless when you’re applying folk-based Scandinavian tradition into your custom boxes.


If you want your business to get recognition, embossing is a great way to get brand recognition and can serve as a great solution for upscale brands to utilize your services. Embossing is a great way to attract potential buyers looking for custom boxes that are eye-catching. 

Adding a Christmas-Themed Hashtag

Adding a holiday-themed hashtag on your custom box can encourage customers to go online and buy the products you’re providing. With today’s technological culture being dedicated to online shopping and brand recognition, hashtags are a great way to get recognition for the product you’re selling to consumers.

Use Wood Wool & Paper Shred

Wood wool is a great decoration idea to put inside your custom wholesale box to resemble the holiday theme. Your business can go for using natural colors or go for the appropriate colors associated with the holidays — red, green, black, and gold. While we focus more on the exterior design of our custom boxes, we are more than happy to help you customize the interior of your box design by adding in these accessories to fit your creative vision.

At Build A Box, we work with local businesses around Irvine, Anaheim, Santa Fe, and all of Orange County to create the perfect custom box fit for their operations. We also offer our online box designer, where you can customize the look, size, and color of how you want your box to look to represent what type of product you’re showing off to the public. 

Along with our custom wholesale box services, we specialize in corrugated display boxes to grab the attention of local retailers around your area while serving as a great foundation to bring in consumers and elevating your brand based on your business’ creative mindset. For more information on how to get started designing your own custom box just in time for the holidays, give us a call at (888) 406-1610 to start today, or use our free online designer tool with further help courtesy of our expert design team.

Reflect Your Company Culture with Corrugated Employee Kits

Most companies only get one chance to make a memorable first impression with their new employees. Many are choosing to utilize corrugated employee welcome kits to accomplish this. Not only do these kits serve as a great introduction to your company, especially during these uncertain times, but these corrugated box kits also help ingratiate new employees, making them feel more confident and comfortable. Here’s why businesses are increasingly turning to welcome kits and how they can be used to highlight a company’s culture. 

The Need For a Corrugated Employee Welcome Kit

Welcome kits provide businesses the opportunity to outline their cultural values and priorities. It’s here where companies share their vision with their new employees in a creative and exciting manner. The act of receiving a welcome kit will also make new employees feel welcome and appreciated. 

What Makes Up a Corrugated Kit?

The inside of a corrugated employee kit often depends on what your company is seeking to accomplish. Most important to whatever is featured inside of your kit is the type of information you want to convey to your new employee and the manner in which you want to present it in. Welcome kits will typically include an informational guide to a company’s history, rules, and values. These are meant to provide employees with knowledge about the company. Clothing like t-shirts and caps are another frequent option that these kits will often have inside. Smaller items like cups, stickers, and assorted snacks usually round out a package. Items like these are more light-hearted and fun meant to contrast with the information-heavy pieces in the kit. 

What You Can Accomplish With An Employee Welcome Kit

Ultimately, corrugated employee welcome kits are more than just various items. They reflect a company’s culture and how they view their employees. Kits can help inform employees about a company’s brand and help them comfortably settle into a new environment. The simple act of providing a beautifully designed employee kit can go a long way in showing that a company values their employees.

There’s no better way for a company to make a great first impression with its new employees than with a well-designed custom welcome kit. If your business is looking to welcome their new employees with a memorable first experience, call Build A Box at (888) 406-1610 or visit our Build page to use our free box designer online. Build A Box offers numerous customizable box options that will allow you to create a custom box kit that matches your company’s ambition and desire for success. At Build A Box, we’re eager to help to make your vision a reality which is why we’ll provide you with a free estimate for your next project.

Black Rain Retail & Display

Do Point of Purchase (POP) Displays Really Work?

Look anywhere inside of a successful retail store and you’ll likely find a Point of Purchase display. Point of Purchase, or POP displays play a critical role for retailers in helping entice customers to buy featured products. But why exactly are POP displays so successful and what is it about them that appeals to customers? 

Eye-catching and Alluring 

There’s no better way to make your products stand out amidst the crowd than with the use of POP displays. A well-crafted POP display places the spotlight on your product drawing the eyes and attention of potential customers. POP displays allow businesses a chance to create interesting enticing imagery and it’s these visuals that help draw people in to whatever product is being sold. 

Customer Retention Boost

The shopping experience can often be fast-paced with customers coming in and out of a store at the blink of an eye. With POP displays though, retailers are able to retain their customers for longer periods of time raising the likelihood of increased sales. Having customers remain in their store longer is beneficial for retailers whose products receive more exposure and attention as a result. 

Incentivizing and Personal 

POP displays will often feature both visual and written persuasive messaging that can resonate with customers. A good POP display can strike a personal chord with a customer giving them a reason to buy the product displayed. Creating interest and intrigue is the goal of any form of advertisement. Through clever imagery and messaging, a POP display can accomplish both and create a memorable experience for the consumer. 

Increased Sales

Perhaps the most significant benefit of POP displays is that they can increase sales for retailers. Through a combination of persuasive messaging and compelling imagery, good POP displays will entice customers to buy the advertised product. Ultimately at the end of the day, increased sales is what any retailer is striving for and POP displays help contribute to it.

POP displays can make a world of difference for businesses looking to elevate their retail game. If your business is looking to reap the benefits of POP displays, call Build A Box at (888) 406-1610 or visit our Build page to use our free online configuration tool. Build A Box offers a wide array of options from counter, power wing, pallet, and endcap displays that will allow you to create a beautiful corrugated POP display that clearly articulates your company’s brand. Build A Box appreciates that you are willing to share your vision with us so we’ll provide you with a free estimate for your next project.