3 Ways to Customize a Mailer Box for Your Business

Packaging has become just as important as the product inside. With online ordering more prevalent than ever before, customers’ doorsteps have become a uniform sea of brown. Command attention and elevate your customers’ experience by investing in custom mailer boxes for your business. Mailer boxes, also known as roll end tuck top (RETT) boxes, are flat, die-cut boxes that are assembled with a self-closing design. They can be completely customized in both size and design to accommodate even the biggest imaginations, and they’re great for a range of company needs. Here are three ways mailer boxes can be customized for your business.

E-commerce packaging

Mailer boxes are an excellent option for e-commerce packaging, as they provide a unique and customizable way to build brand awareness and get the attention of your customer. They can be cut to any size, big or small, and are self-closing and easy to assemble. They can also have full-color designs printed on the outside and inside of the box, giving you plenty of space to get creative and spread your company message. Mailer boxes provide more excitement to the customer than a standard shipping box, especially when customized, and they can elevate your brand value by giving an air of professionalism that will keep customers coming back for more purchases. Custom sizing is beneficial because it guarantees that the box will be a perfect fit, whatever its contents may be. Boxes that are too big can leave extra space for products to get thrown around and damaged, and they require excessive, wasteful filler packaging. Boxes that are too small may force products to be crammed inside the box, damaging either the products or the box itself. An overstuffed box is more likely to be damaged in transport, which wouldn’t leave a very good impression on your recipient. Get all of your products there safely, and in style, with a custom mailer box from Build A Box®.

Subscription boxes

The most commonly used box type for subscription boxes is the mailer box. A mailer box makes your subscribers feel as if they’re receiving something special. It increases anticipation over receiving the box, and it helps guarantee that your subscribers stay subscribed. Dual-sided printing extends the unboxing experience for the customer and gives you more opportunity to impress and spread brand awareness. The durability of mailer boxes also makes them a great option for subscription services. It is able to protect the products included, but it can be assembled and opened easily by the intended parties. It has a gift box feel, more so than other box styles, which makes it the perfect choice for the subscription box unboxing experience.

Employee welcome kits

Mailer boxes are also a popular choice when creating employee welcome kits. Welcome kits include items that make your new employee feel welcomed and prepared for their first day, helping calm any fears or nerves they may have. They can consist of items such as an employee handbook, company branded clothing items, office supplies, food, and more. Giving them these items in a plain cardboard box can make the experience feel unoriginal and thrown-together. Presenting them with high-quality items in a custom mailer box not only reassures them of your company’s professionalism but also shows that the management truly cares about new hires and wants them to feel comfortable. It serves as an introduction to your brand and speaks volumes about your company culture.

No matter what your business or product, custom mailer boxes from Build A Box® are sure to get the job done. If you’re ready to get started creating your custom mailer box order today, visit the Build A Box® website to use our easy, no obligation online configuration tool. Choose your dimensions, material, and design, and we’ll get back to you right away with a free quote. For assistance or design questions, call us at (888) 406-1610 to speak to one of our friendly and experienced team members. We’re always more than happy to help you create a box perfectly suited to your company.

5 Reasons You Should Use Custom Shipping Boxes for Your Business

If you’re looking for an affordable way to impress your customers and stand out from the competition, custom shipping boxes are a great option. Choose any set of dimensions and add your logo or full-color designs to transform your boring brown shipping boxes into traveling advertisements at an affordable rate. Here are five reasons why you should use custom shipping boxes for your business.

The perfect size every time

Our boxes are completely customizable and custom cut to your exact desired dimensions. Custom sizing means that there’s never any excessive, wasteful packaging, which can be a turnoff for many consumers. There’s also no need for excessive packaging products like packing peanuts and bubble wrap. It’s safer for the products you’re shipping as well since there’s less unnecessary room for the product to move around and shift during the shipping process. Perfectly-sized boxes that cut down on extra space also mean cheaper shipping costs for your business, since the calculation of dimensions is factored into the price in addition to weight.

Build brand awareness

The customer doesn’t just see your box at its final destination; it will come into contact with dozens, even hundreds of people as it makes its way to the consumer. With a custom box, you can utilize the sides of your shipper box as advertising space, familiarizing people with your company’s logo. The more that people see your company’s name and branding, the more familiar it will become and the more likely someone will be to use your company in the future. Build your brand and increase brand awareness through custom shipper boxes today.

Spread information & inform customers

Custom boxes allow you to include valuable information on the outside of the box, such as a contact number, webpage address and ordering instructions. Aside from giving this useful information to your customer, it will also provide this information to any potential customers who come across the box when it is recycled, reused, or en route to the purchaser.

Improve brand perception & repeat purchases

It’s undeniable that packaging affects purchasing decisions and brand perception. According to some studies, almost half of consumers say that gift-like packaging makes them more likely to make a repeat purchase with a brand. In a poll, 68% said that custom packaging makes the brand seem more upscale, and 61% say that custom boxes get them more excited about receiving the package. By elevating the customer experience and investing in an affordable branding solution like custom shipping boxes, you’re increasing your chances of earning repeat customers.

Effective & affordable marketing

As far as marketing campaigns go, custom shipping boxes are an extremely affordable tactic with high traffic and ROI. The increase in price for custom boxes versus traditional shipping boxes is minimal, but the impact is tremendous. As stated before, there are a numerous amount of people who see the box, and come into contact with it while it makes its way to the final destination. Take this opportunity to make your box your brand – a la Amazon – and advertise your company to those who may have never been exposed to it before. Custom wholesale boxes are a much cheaper alternative to traditional digital and print advertising, but they’ll likely receive even higher traffic.

If you’re ready to get started creating your custom shipping box order, visit the Build A Box® website to use our easy, no-obligation online configuration tool. Choose your dimensions, material, and design, and we’ll get back to you right away with a free quote. Need assistance? Call us at (888) 406-1610, and one of our expert designers will be happy to help you create a box perfectly suited to your company.

The Different Types of Custom Boxes (Part 2)

Welcome to Build A Box! When it comes to creating custom box designs, we are the best in the business in Fullerton and have an easy to use box designer online tool that can help with your every need. We offer a wide variety of custom box types, all of which can be as elaborate or as simple as you’d like. Today, we’re discussing three types of custom boxes and what you can potentially do with your business’ customized box design! We’re breaking down our retail boxes, literature boxes, and custom trays.


Retail boxes (also known as the reverse tuck end box or RTE) are mostly used for retail purposes but can be used for shipping with a stronger and thicker box. This box type allows for the box to be self-locking and doesn’t require tape or glue to stay closed. Retail boxes can also be modified to have snap lock bottoms, thumb holes for easy opening, or same-side tuck end.

Brands will typically customize retail boxes with their logos and with what the product is inside. Retail boxes can be found anywhere because of the versatility it provides. From perfume and make-up products at a boutique in Downtown Fullerton to kitchen appliances at the local Target, retail boxes can be used for just about anything!


Literature boxes, otherwise known as one piece folders (OPF), are ideal for shipping books, picture frames, and other wide but flat objects. These boxes are typically made to fold around what is enclosed. Modifications for literature boxes include variable depths, self-locking tabs, and protective air cells.

These types of boxes are most often used when shipping an item that is big but not bulky. For example, if a Cal State Fullerton student orders a book for a class off Amazon, they might get their book shipped to them in a literature box. Using literature boxes are considered the most economical way to ship items like this because it doesn’t require any excess packaging or protection like bubble wrap or packing peanuts.


Tray boxes used commonly for narrow items like pictures frames or to display products. Two tray boxes can also be put together to form a full box with a lid. This box type is also known as a design style tray (DST), and the flaps can be glued, taped, or stapled. Other modifications include roll end tray, roll side tray, corner cut tray, or telescoping option.

Customized trays can boost the aesthetics of any area with organizational needs. The mailroom or front desk of an office building will automatically look clean and organized when things are properly sorted into trays. Fullerton boutiques, bakeries, and other stores have invested in trays to help organize their products.

Do you need a customized retail box, literature box, or tray? Build A Box is here to help you bring your custom boxes to life! Get started on your custom box design using our online tool today! If you have any questions about building your customized box, give us a call at (888) 406-1610.

The Different Types of Custom Boxes (Part 1)

Here at Build A Box, we offer a wide variety of custom box types. Whether you want a simple custom box with your logo or an elaborate box design, we can do it for you. Today, we’re discussing two types of custom boxes and what you can potentially do with your business’ customized box design! Shipping and mailer boxes are two of our most popular box types, and we’re breaking it down for you.


A standard shipping box is the most common type of box used for shipping and storage. These boxes are also known as a regular slotted container (RSC) and offer the best sizing for bulkier items. The shipper boxes can be modified to have hand holes, an automatic folding bottom, partial overlapping flaps, stapled sides, a snap-locking bottom, and more.
A great example of a shipping box is from one of our longest running clients, Raw Juicery! Raw Juicery sells juices and cleanses online and ships them to customers. Their shipping boxes are customized to be branded with their logo on the outside and have custom inserts to insulate the products and protect them from breaking. Although they are based in Los Angeles, the custom boxes make it easy to ship to customers from Anaheim to New York!

However, shipping boxes can do more than ship to clients. Due to its shape and size, many people will buy shipping boxes from stores like Home Depot or Staples for storage or for moving. Although these custom boxes may initially seem mundane, it actually can boost sales for the company. For example, if a couple is moving into a luxurious apartment in Anaheim and has packed all their belongings in Home Depot branded shipping boxes, people who see them moving will notice the Home Depot logo on the box, and will know where to go should the same occasion arise.


Mailer boxes are most commonly used for subscription box delivery services but are also great for e-commerce packaging or retail gift boxes. Also known as roll end tuck top (RETT) boxes, they are flat, die-cut boxes that are assembled with a simple self-closing design.

My Lit Box and Kidstir are two of many of our clients that use mailer boxes to fulfill subscription packages. Both companies have customized this type of box to their individual brand in a way that gets subscribers excited about the packaging and items inside. Mailer boxes are great for shipping smaller pieces and can be customized to be as strong and durable as needed.

Mailer boxes are also commonly used as product packages in retail stores. Many times when a store wants to bundle together popular items or run a promo for specific products, they will use a mailer box to keep the items together in a cohesive custom package. For example, many stores in Anaheim near Disneyland will have Disney merchandise in stock. However, during the summer peak season, they may bundle Disney items together in a package to boost sales!

Do you need a custom shipping box or mailer box? We have you covered. You can get started on your custom box design using our online tool today! Build A Box is committed to bringing our clients high-quality products and top-notch customer service. If you have any questions about building your customized box, give us a call at (888) 406-1610.

6 Additional Benefits of Custom Wholesale Boxes Besides Branding

One of the most important factors in running a successful business is to have strong branding. A strong brand can convey a company’s personality, its values, and its reputation. If you are looking to have a wider reach and increase word of mouth for your business, it’s vital to establish strong branding and messaging. When it comes to your products, every aspect of the customer experience, including the packaging, is going to be beneficial to your branding. On top of branding, here are six more benefits of creating custom wholesale boxes for your business:

#1 Eco-Friendly Promotion

Consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious and investing in products that make strides to a better world. Build A Box Online is proud to have 100% recyclable customized boxes for all of our clients, down to the custom inserts. Through this mentality, your business can make a difference for both your customers and the planet simultaneously.

#2 Add the Technical Details

If your items are sold in stores and you need critical information displayed on the packaging, custom boxes are the way to go! You can design your box to include the bar code, expiry dates, serial and product numbers, and other relevant product information. Having the details printed straight onto the box will last longer and are less likely to become damaged like a label might be.

#3 Wholesale Prices

At Build A Box, we do not have minimum quantity requirements. That being said, larger quantities allow you to take advantage of our great wholesale prices. Ordering 500 customized boxes may seem daunting, but rest assured, our design experts work with you to ensure the details are accurate before sending designs out to print.

#4 Ease for Retailers

If you’re selling your products at your local Anaheim convenience store, having a custom box design will make it easier for the retailers to sort and organize your products! Retailers receive and stock a wide variety of products from different brands on a daily basis. Customized packaging will ensure your products will be stocked appropriately and won’t get lost in the crowd!

#5 Differentiation

Differentiation goes hand in hand with your business’ branding. You want your brand to be set apart from your competitors. Being different than your competitors will make you more memorable and recognizable to your customers. Imagine your product in a plain brown box. Now imagine it in a personalized custom box with your company name, colors, and logo. What’s the likelihood that your customers pick up the plain brown box over an enhanced box with on-brand design? Not Likely.

#6 Ease of Reordering

Our number one priority here at Build a Box Online is to ensure our clients’ happiness. We know how much easier it is to reorder something you’ve already designed than to start over and do the same customizations again! We’re here to make your life easier when it comes to your custom boxes! No matter where you are in Anaheim, Orange County, or even the world, just let us know you want to reorder, and we’ll get started on it right away!

So what are you waiting for? Get started on your custom wholesale boxes with our proprietary online box designer tool. Build A Box is exactly what you need to get customized branded boxes. We are located in Anaheim, but we proudly serve all of Orange County.  If you have any questions, give us a call at (888) 406-1610.

3 Questions to Ask When Designing a Custom Box for Your Target Audience

Your custom made boxes are an extension of your company’s branding and marketing, so it’s important to make sure that you are reaching your target audience with your packaging. This is a vital step in building your company’s brand recognition.

When your customized boxes are designed with your ideal customers in mind, your product is going to be more memorable to them, which prompts them to be a loyal customer and share it with their friends. Learn more about how customized boxes can grow your brand recognition on our previous blog. But for now, let’s talk about how you can design boxes for your ideal clientele.

Each demographic has a general preference that you can use as a guideline in your designs, and become more likable among the target audience. There are a few questions you may want to ask when designing for your target audience: Who are they? What do they like? And how does your brand relate to them?

There are no right or wrong answers to these questions because no two businesses are the exact same. Retail stores in Anaheim and Santa Monica are going to have different target audiences due to the people in the area and the local popular attractions. Anaheim may be more Disney-oriented whereas Santa Monica may gear towards beach go-ers more. Let’s dive a little deeper into these questions and talk about how you can answer them for your business.

Question One: Who is Your Target Audience?

Take some time to brainstorm what your audience’s demographics are. By categorizing and grouping your ideal market, you will be able to better understand what the audience would prefer out of your custom package. Some common demographics are:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Ethnicity
  • Location of Residency
  • Occupation & Income
  • Lifestyle
  • Education
  • Relationship Status

You could also target people by what their hobbies and habits are. Your target audience might like to goto the Anaheim Packing House every weekend, go rock climbing, or has a Target addiction. No matter how broad or specific these groups may seem, they all will have a common preference in their products.

Question Two: Generally, What Do These Demographics Like or Prefer?

As mentioned, each group will have a common denominator of what they like, prefer, or need. This common denominator is what you will use to ensure you are reaching your customers in a way that makes them want to invest in your company again. Here are a few examples of how you can design your box to your client’s preferences:

  • Age: Packaging for older adults and seniors may need larger text for their convenience. On the other hand, packaging for young adults can be more “trendy” and modern.
  • Occupation: Those with higher incomes are more likely to invest in more expensive products, and want the feeling of luxury within the packaging. Whereas people with odd jobs (i.e. food scientist, video games tester, or cosmetologist) might like something more fun for the packing instead of luxurious.
  • Location: If your ideal clients live near the beach in Southern California, they are likely to love sunshine, the ocean, and surfing! The imagery of endless summer is more likely to stand out rather than animals on a farm.

Keep in mind that the preferences for the target audience may not be true for every single person in the specific group. Not every Newport Beach resident likes surfing, not every Anaheim resident has a Disney pass and not every 21-year-old likes to spend all their free time partying. These preferences should encompass what the majority of the group likes.

Question Three: How Does Your Brand Relate to Your Ideal Client?

Think about your brand and its personality. How does it relate to your clients’ preferences? If your client is walking down the store aisle, what is going to make them stop and look at your product? For example, if you are in the beauty industry, but your ideal clientele is more alternative, then your design might be less pink and glittery, and more dark and grungey. If you’re a men’s shaving subscription service, your box is probably going to include bold fonts, darker toned colors, and masculine imagery. Ultimately, you’re looking to catch the attention of your ideal customer base with a custom box that relates to their interests.

This may be the trickiest part of the design process because you have to think like your target market. Take a look at your competitors and see what they’re doing. If they have something that you like, take it, twist it, and find a way to make it yours. Just like how you and your business have an ideal client, your customers have an ideal brand. Become that brand.

Those are the three most important questions to ask yourself when designing boxes for your target audience. If you are in need of custom wholesale boxes or a box designer online, you’re in luck! Build A Box is just the tool you need to deliver custom branded boxes. We are located in Anaheim, but we proudly serve all of Orange County. Start building your box today with our online building tool!


How to Find the Perfect Designer for Your Custom Box


With every amazing custom box and packaging comes a great design, and with every great design comes a creative designer-genius. Finding the perfect designer is more than just posting a job listing online because ideally, you’d want to find a designer that can enhance your brand and its personality. Here’s how to find the perfect artist to design a custom box for you.

First, Figure Out What You Want and Need

Before seeking out a designer, it’s best to discern what you want and need from them. Take some time to brainstorm things about your brand and how your designer can help enhance your brand and carry out your vision. Some questions you may want to think about are; “Who is your target audience/market?”, “What are the goals and purpose of the design?”, “What are your competitors doing and how can you spin it in a way to grow yourself?”, and “What’s your deadline?”

These are all critical questions that your designer will need to know to make your perfect design, and will help you narrow down the list of ideal designers. For example, if your target audience is college-aged students and young adults, a designer who is old enough to be their parents may not have the right creative aesthetics that will properly reach your target. It’d be best to find a younger designer who may also fit this category or a designer who has a lot of experience with designing for this target age group.

Second, Find Your Designer

Now that you know what you want and need from your designer, it’s time to find the best one. This part will be a little difficult because there are countless talented designers in the world. When you look for your designer, make sure you are looking for them on trusted sites and agencies, as you need to be confident and comfortable in their ability to create your vision.

Many outsourced designers can be found through design agencies such as Behance, Dribble, crowdsourcing websites, or through freelancers. Design freelancers can be found on websites like UpWork, Crew, or Fiverr. The best recommendation to narrowing down your list of potential artists is to look at their portfolios and see if it matches your brand and what you want.

Last, Get Your Custom Box

Once you’ve found your perfect designer and finalized your vision for a custom box, it’s time to bring that vision to life with someone who can help you create a product box online! Build A Box is a customized box company in Orange County that is dedicated to the success of our clientele and can help transform your design into a real box!

Our free online tool is easy to use and requires zero obligation to follow through. You can use it anywhere from Irvine to London to Tokyo and all the way around to Fullerton. Send us your design and our custom box experts will assist you to make sure your custom product box is going to be perfect. Once we get the green light from you to make the boxes, we’ll cut, print, and ship the boxes to you! Our standard production time is about 7 to 10 days, but before you know it, your customized box vision will have come to life.

Build A Box’s Client Spotlight: Raw Juicery

Raw Juicery is a juicery based in Los Angeles, with a focus on conscious sourcing and sustainable practices. They have products for any need: detox and cleanse, immunity, beauty benefits, energy, recovery, and so much more. Customers have the option of buying individual bottles, curated packs, or even build their own box full of the juices they want. Raw Juicery began in 2012, and we here at Build A Box have had the pleasure of being their custom box partner for the last five years.

Ryan, the Chief Juice Officer of Raw Juicery, and the company found us online five years ago “as fate would have it,” according to Ryan. Ever since then, Raw Juicery has gotten all of his custom boxes from us. Because Raw Juicery ships to wholesale sellers as well as online e-commerce customers, they need a lot of boxes, each with a different design and size. Their wholesale boxes are standard shipping boxes with a simple logo printing, whereas their e-commerce boxes require special color printers and tremendous attention to detail. Ryan loves to refer customers to us because he believes we are “the most knowledgeable and pleasant to work with box expert(s) in the business.”

We love working with Ryan and Raw Juicery, and we were ecstatic to hear that they love working with us too! When asked why Ryan keeps coming back to work with us, he said, “I keep coming back because we have built a fantastic relationship with Build a Box. I always know I’m in good hands and that I won’t overpay for my box whether I’m reordering or coming with a totally new concept.” This is something we try to achieve with every one of our clients, whether they’ve been working with us for two months or five years. We always want our clients to feel like they’re in good hands.

Something that is very important to Raw Juicery, that we’ve been able to help them with, is creating products that are guilt-free in every way, including their packaging. With our custom boxes, we were able to provide them with 100% recyclable and insulated packaging without the styrofoam. Which helps Raw Juicery abide by their “raw ethos” code.
Ryan continued to say that Build A Box provides “a thorough understanding of our needs and goals for each box or project because each one is so different. We need someone who speaks the language of the box-industry on our behalf and finds us the absolute best solution for each and every project at the best possible cost.”

Working with Raw Juicery for the last few years has been such an honor and we are so grateful to have such an awesome recurring client like them. If you’re looking to do a juice cleanse or help boost your health, we definitely recommend Raw Juicery. Check out their website at https://therawjuicery.com/ and show them some love on their Instagram @rawjuicery.

How To Build A Custom Box

Welcome to Build A Box, the easiest place to design your custom box. Whether you’re looking for custom retail packaging or custom shipping boxes, we can help. Build A Box is a hassle-free box-designing tool that is designed to help our clientele achieve their success. If you’re looking to create your custom box, look no further! This is how you can start on your custom box design.

Step One: Choose a Box Style!

We offer five different box styles, including shipping, mailer, literature, retail, and tray boxes. You can learn about these different box styles on the help center, but for now, we’ll talk about our shipping boxes because they’re versatile and the most common box style for shipping and storage.

Step Two: Build the Box!

Our online box building tool will then ask for the dimensions, strength, and colors of the box. The dimensions are the inside measurements of the usable space, labeled as Length x Width x Depth. The strength of the box determines how much weight it can withstand, which is categorized into four strengths: standard, strong, standard double-wall, and heavy-duty double-wall. You can also choose which box color you prefer: kraft (standard brown), standard white, or premium white.

Step Three: Get Connected With Your Design Expert!

Once our team receives your initial box design, one of our design experts will reach out to you and help with the rest of the design process. Our associates will add their expertise, show different design options, suggest money-saving tips, and help you design the most efficient packaging solution for your box.

Step Four: We Make and Ship Your Box!

After finalizing your custom box design, we’ll make and ship the box to you! Standard production time is between 7 to 10 days after being given approval. Before you know it, your customized box vision has come to life.

Build A Box is committed to bringing our clients high-quality products and top-notch customer service. Our online tool is free to use, requires no obligation, and you can use it anywhere in the world, including Irvine, New York, or even Singapore! If you have any questions about building your customized box, give us a call at (888) 406-1610.

Customized Holiday Shipper Boxes for Your Brand

The holidays are among us and ‘tis the season for boxes. Get your customers excited for your products by simply sending out customized shipper boxes to celebrate the season! Your customized boxes are more than just themed boxes for the holidays. They’re a way for your brand to show its personality while also showing your customers that you care about them.

Shipper boxes are the most common box type for shipping and storage because of its versatility. When it comes to shipping holiday gifts, it’s important to have a strong and sturdy box to hold the precious cargo! Customized shipper boxes are definitely the way to go. Here’s why it’s important to make your shipper box look perfect for the holidays!

Showcase Your Brand’s Personality

How does your business celebrate the holidays? There are a lot of ways you can tie in the holidays with your company’s personality. If your brand is fun and whimsical, you can try designs with elves, snowmen, or other fun characters. On the other hand, if your brand is more refined and elegant, try showcasing snowflakes, ornaments, or a wreath. The first thing your customers will notice about your product is the box that it arrives in. You want to make them feel like what’s inside their box is a gift from you to them.

Suppose your monthly subscription customers are accustomed to getting the same looking box for the first 11 months of the year. Why not surprise them with a subscription box that celebrates the holidays but still maintains your brand’s personality? The box is still relevant to what they are subscribed to while also being festive and personal.

Give the Sense of an Exclusive Limited Edition Item

In addition to showcasing your brand’s personality, the seasonal design of your box can make customers feel like it’s a limited edition or collector’s item, especially if your product is only released for a certain amount of time. The phrases “Holiday Collection,” “Limited Edition,” and “Collector’s Item” give the sense of exclusivity which draws customers in.

For example, a makeup company releases a “limited edition holiday set” featuring makeup colors that are holiday themed. Makeup lovers are going to be drawn to this set because it has the bold red, glittery gold, and frosty blue colors they needed for their upcoming parties! When they open the beautifully designed package labeled “Limited Edition,” they will feel that their purchase was justified and enjoy just that much more.

Extra Shareable and Unboxing Worthy

When you have an impressive customized holiday shipper box, your customers are going to be excited about it and are more likely to share on social media. Every time a customer shares your product on social media or does an unboxing video on YouTube, you’re getting free publicity. Your customized holiday themed shipper boxes are bound to build enthusiasm because it’s more than just a boring brown box with tape. You put thought and intentionality into the custom shipper box design, and your clients will see that and likely repurchase later.

Have you designed your customized shipper boxes yet? Whether you want it for the holidays or the seasons after, we want to help! Start your custom box design with Build A Box by giving us a call at (888) 406-1610.