Build a Box - Custom Boxes | How Customized & Branded Boxes Set You Apart

How Customized & Branded Boxes Set You Apart

When it comes to shipping and packaging products, it’s really easy to just bulk order regular brown boxes to package your products. Many business owners think customers only care about what’s inside the box, and although this is partially true, a customer’s first impression starts with the box itself.

Customized boxes are ultimately about one thing: brand recognition. Customers are more likely to invest in products they recognize and trust. For example, when shopping for new tennis shoes, many people will immediately go toward boxes with a Nike swoosh on them or the Adidas stripes because these companies are reputable. Consumers are drawn to the branded boxes they recognize.

Build a Box - Custom Boxes | How Customized & Branded Boxes Set You Apart

Many purchasing decisions are made subconsciously because people stick with what they know. People will continue using a brand until they have a reason not to. This is why brand recognition is vital for companies and why it starts with what people see first: the packaging. Some consumers might not even think twice before picking which product to buy because they will be loyal to the company they are familiar with.

Nike and Adidas are both reputable sports apparel companies that dominate the market. Both brands have loyal customers, and few of those customers probably overlap. The companies have strong branding strategies that allow them to be set apart from each other, and customers are easily able to differentiate between the two by their packaging alone.

Build a Box - Custom Boxes | How Customized & Branded Boxes Set You Apart

So how can you get your customers to be drawn to your products? How practical is it to build brand recognition for your company? The answer is customizing branded boxes is easy with Build A Box, and you could even get started on it right now!

With our online design tool, you can build a custom box with your logo, color scheme, and the quality and strength you need. We also have a team of design experts to help create your perfect branded box if you need something more specialized. Setting yourself apart has never been easier! All of our custom boxes and products are 100% recyclable, making it both environmentally friendly and economical.

Are you ready to strengthen your company’s brand recognition? Get started on a customized box with our free design tool. Have questions? Give us a call at (888) 406-1610. We’d love to help you bring your vision to life.