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How Mailer Boxes Are Dominating the Packaging Industry

Packaging trends are constantly evolving, especially as technology rapidly advances and brings a whole host of new design possibilities with it. From digital printing to personalized packaging and from minimalism to sustainability, today’s packaging trends demand a lot from box manufacturers, and there’s one box type that can handle it all: the mailer box. A powerful force in custom wholesale boxes, custom mailer boxes are dominating the packaging industry for a few key reasons. 

A Memorable Brand Introduction

In the world of social media and unboxing videos, how you present your products is as important as the product itself. Consumers demand a high-quality packaging experience that mimics what they see online, so investing in custom packaging boxes is crucial for making a good first impression. The construction of a mailer box is ideal for this unboxing experience, as its self-closing design and dual-sided graphic capabilities make it one of the most luxurious box types. The interlocking flap design creates something of a display case when opened, creating a “ta-da” moment that presents a feeling of luxury to the buyer. This also allows additional real estate versus other boxes, so you can add personalized messages, promotional offers, or unique branding on both the inside and outside of the box. Mailer boxes have greater potential for starting a conversation and leaving a striking impression on the customer, making them one of the most popular packaging choices across the industry.

A Sustainable Packaging Solution

One of the most popular topics among modern-day consumers is sustainability efforts. A company’s perceived sustainability can have a major impact on its reputation, and brands that go the extra mile to make eco-friendly packaging choices often curry favor with their audience. Mailer boxes are one of the many 100% recyclable box types we offer. Beyond that, mailer boxes prove to be more eco-friendly than other box types because their self-closing design doesn’t require waste-creating adhesives. With fully recyclable custom mailer boxes, you don’t have to sacrifice quality or beauty for sustainability; you can give your customer everything they desire in premier product packaging.

A Cost-Effective Choice

Although mailer boxes are a premier choice that exudes luxury and a special touch, they’re still an incredibly economical choice for businesses. Mailer boxes’ customization options make it one-of-a-kind, and they’re still created with kraft cardboards which are inexpensive to produce. Whether you want to embrace kraft’s naturally dressed-down look or embellish it with double-sided, full-color graphics, you can impress customers without breaking the bank. Custom packaging, at the end of the day, is still about securing a return on investment.

Custom packaging boxes are an easy, affordable, and incredibly effective way to impress customers and build brand awareness without busting your budget. Mailer boxes in particular are one of the industry’s leading choices because of their incredible versatility in all aspects of packaging customization. If you want to get started today and build a custom mailer box, Build A Box makes it easy with our free online design tool. If you need some design help along the way, or if you’d like to learn more about the possibilities of custom mailer boxes, give us a call at (888) 406-1610. One of our expert team members is always standing by to assist you!